Russell has helped many firms with setting strategy, especially for strategies that involve globalization or the use of analytics. Russell has deep international experience and teaches on the topics of international business and has specific interest and expertise in business in Latin American and the Middle East. Russell has also regularly taught at the Indian School of Business in India, the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in Thailand, IESE in Spain, and the Amsterdam Institure of Finance.

Dr. Walker has led executive programs in Latin America and the Gulf States. His International Business Strategy research includes a comprehensive study of medical tourism opportunities for Turkey and an analysis for tourism transformation in Mexico by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico. He frequently speaks on the opportunities with the emerging global middle class and demographic shifts driving changes in international markets. He has been invited to speak at various leading international organizations including the US State Department, the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation.

Some recent strategy studies have included:

  • The World in 2050: Implication of Demographic Changes, Risk, and Opportunities for Growth
  • On-line strategies in a Post-Amazon Environment
  • Medical Tourism and the Economic Benefits to the USA
  • Use of Remote Sensing Surveillance in Market, Agriculture, and Property Evaluations
  • Strategy Positioning for an International Airline
  • Tourism Strategy for Mexico
  • Tourism Strategy for Turkey